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Transparent Key welcomes you to be in the Real estate Kolkata. Before registering with us please read the offers and document carefully. These terms and conditions are offering you a legal outlook to present your deal in complete ethical format. As you are getting associated with Transparent Key we must accept these conditions. is completely owned and governed by Transparent Key.

Terms Defined:
You must follow these terms and conditions so that you can be termed as an "Authorized User" only when an entity and an individual are registered to Real estate Kolkata. As soon as you are registered to this site you will be provided with the Password and Username. This will be provided with the valid Email id that you will provide and the email id will remain intact as long as you make it valid. But it will be under violation of terms if it is not used in a proper manner. For both the registered and the unregistered users these terms and conditions are proved.

The date of commencement will be from the day the user receive the confirmation email from our end. There we will provide a list of services and also the agreement details accordingly.

The date of termination will be either the termination of the package or the violation of any terms and condition or invalid email address.
Services will be the offered by Transparent Key to its registered members. These will be offered with complete transparency but the services same can not be cancelled on any disagreement after registration.

Our service will be offered in terms of subscriptions for FREE for a limited amount of period and then with the chosen package the subscriptions will be taken in to different consideration.

Payment Terms:

Payment terms or Subscription Fees will be the amount when you will like to renew your package after the free offer that is given by us. A perfect time period will be given to you for the payment.

Proper documents are provided with complete transparency.


The individual or the entity have the total right to charge us with the balance amount or the information of the payment details if feedback is not received within a proper time.

Actions That Are Prohibited:

You must refer the account number for transaction purpose that is only used by you.

Your account must not violate the information that is provided by Transparent Key.

With any security breach or other authentication can lead to vulnerable result for you and your account.

Money will not be returned once the time period is over.

Links are only shared with prior permission.

No pictures or video allowed those carrying illegal materials.

Other terms of Transparent Key:

Confirmation of any legal document or proof when asked by Transparent Key if required.

Report us immediately in case of any change that you are doing for your account.

Transparent Key without prior notice to its users can edit or modify any information at any point of time.

The individual or the entity will be charged legally if he or she is violating any of the terms and conditions.


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